Swanzey Preservation Society

Swanzey is nestled in the heart of the Monadnock Region in the Southwestern part of the State of New Hampshire. Swanzey is most famous for its covered bridges, Cresson Bridge in Swanzey Center, Thompson Bridge in West Swanzey, Carlton Bridge in East Swanzey and the Slate Bridge in Westport which was destroyed by an arsonist's fire in March, 1993. With that fire, 131 years of history went with it.   A replica covered bridge was rebuilt and the bridge reopened in 2003.

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From the Preface of  The History of Swanzey, New Hampshire from 1734 to 1890, published in 1892 -


    "The desire to know the history of one's ancestors, to perpetuate the heroism and noble deeds of his forefathers, is well nigh universal. This feeling is not limited to civilized society, it is not peculiar to people who have a written language. The wild Indian of the forest, knowing nothing of letters, in his own peculiar way recounts to his children the exploits of his fathers, and tradition does for him in part what the historian does for an enlightened people.


    It has long been the feeling of many of the citizens of Swanzey, of those who love their home and revere the memory of those who have gone before them, of whose interests are identified with the welfare of the town, that some measures should be taken to arrange, preserve and put in a readable form the record of those events in our early history which could be obtained, and which were worthy of preservation..."


    --SWANZEY, N.H., AUGUST, 1892